Task 2 | Facts About Me & Quote

Facts About Me

I gathered into this banner two important facts about me, which I also pointed out in my previous post:

  • I am working as web conference producer and
  • I am mother of two girls.

To these facts I added the fact that I like hiking.

For me this banner sums up my life very well.


I searched for a quote, which will match to my everyday life and I found it.

I chose this background, because the lightness of the quote and love of my work meets. I chose font Lovelo to main font because it is powerful, but at the same time positive. Second font I chose, because it is more calm and in my point of view it suits for presenting the author.

Task 1 | My story

Hey! I am Liina and I am studying Conversion Master in IT in University of Tartu. I have always been interested in designing and knowledge of visual communication design will be very useful for me working as product owner.

I am currently working as web conference producer, and I am organizing live broadcasts from conferences. I am also a mother of two young girls 😊.

Thank you for coming to my blog and I hope you enjoy my portfolio.